Our Client Testimonials

BTW, thanks so much for ALL your help in the past few weeks /month. I have felt VERY high maintenance and TRULY appreciate all you've done for us. You are a pleasure to work with and have made my job much easier. Thanks again!

Thank you for taking the time to get to the bottom of this for us. Todd has always spoken highly of you, and from my experiences it all rings true. Your efforts truly are appreciated by the CDI team.

Y’all saved us once again!! Thanks!! Geo

You take such good care of us, that I appreciated the email you sent from Antonio. I knew you were keeping Sue and I informed of what other members of EGL are doing. Thank you!!!

Awesome. Thank you. That's why I love you guys. Thanks for your support!

You did an outstanding job! I enjoyed working with you and you kept up with me with high demands, cheers!

Response has been good. I have received approx 60 apps. I have set up a few interviews for next week!

Thank you so much for taking care of us!

You’re awesome! You have a great weekend as well!

Great thanks! I didn't think we'd make it for this weekend so I appreciate your extra efforts. Have a great weekend.

I will be prepared to stay as long as needed or make myself available to approve artwork, radio ads, etc... Just let me know when I can review it.

Tim - Thanks for the fast work on this. Reacting to market pressures is an unending task, and I appreciate the responses we get when things are needed in short order. Kudos to your and your staff.
Capt. Ready

Sounds good. If you could put in a nutshell any specialty advertising we've done to date and plan to do in the future i.e. Ft. Hood radio/OL/print, Edwards/AMC theaters that would show a wide picture of your contributions to our efforts.

I'd like let you know, Tim, and I say this sincerely, that we had a meeting yesterday (Lt. Rusinski, Sgt. Barfield, Mike McCoy and I) and we all praised the work you do, taking our calls, meeting deadlines, etc.

We're pulling for you all. Kudos to you and your staff!

We had 279 show up and made offers to 157. Outstanding results for us.

Have I told you how AWESOME you guys are today!!! Thanks much.

I enjoy working with too! You guys have really been a life saver for me!

Super, thanks you too! I really appreciate all of your team work and partnership with Weatherford
Really enjoy working with you all!

Wow! Tht's great. You're THE MAN! As always, and Shirley Glover at COH was right when she recommended you to us, you're agency does it's job and well.

Lovely! Thank you for your immediate attention, I really appreciate it!

Wow – you folks are impressive. I really appreciate your support Susan!

I worked with Bernard Hodes when I was at Jacobs. The support and service you and your team provides is a breath of fresh air...I greatly appreciate it!

Wow, that is great news!!! Sarah is doing a fantastic job. She is really great about checking with me to see if I need anything, following up quickly on requests, and keeping me updated if there is a delay in getting a proof. Oh, and there have been a couple of times that she has really helped me out by getting an ad in when it was past the deadline. I think she's a keeper! :o)

Yes we are!! Thank you for ALWAYS being flexible and willing. We really appreciate it.