Websites & Digital Solutions

Digital communication solutions can be provided to the graduate recruitment market by various mediums.

Patriot can assist with the following:

  • Recruitment websites
  • Games and interactive tools
  • Online applications
  • Banner
  • Direct e-mail
  • CD ROMS, DVD & USB flash drives
  • E-cards and Newsletters to name a few

Websites & Digital Communications

In today’s tech savvy world it is growing more vital that employers stay one step ahead of the candidates. Understanding how to reach them and deliver a successful message is where Patriot can assist.

Below are examples of services available:

  • Careers, recruitment and corporate internet sites
  • Copywriting
  • Content management
  • Splash pages
  • Intranet
  • Banners and online media such as
  • Job board negotiations
  • Training video and programs

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Conceiving, designing, writing and building a great website is one thing; getting people to visit is quite another. Not only can we help you drive traffic through effective advertising and communications, Patriot can also employ a number of ingenious, cost effective methods to get your URL to appear higher up the list of search results.

Social Recruitment Campaign Portal

There are a lot of places to start when talking about social networking. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube; the list goes on. It can get overwhelming for both recruiters and applicants. Social networks are not much different than the idea of a galaxy which consists of a group of stars. Each star is a social network sticking closely to another social network due to gravity—in our case, people. These people want to connect with individuals in other social networks. They jump back and forth to make sure they don’t miss a beat and remain connected. When all networks pull together into one location—the galaxy—we call it a company networking portal. It is important that applicants, both passive and active, have a centralized location where they can find information about your company.

Patriot Advertising’s suggestion is to create a splash page/recruitment portal. This will be the company’s central source, one spot for your contact information including links to all your social networking sites. The idea is to simplify and encourage candidates to interact with you and your company.

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